Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Home from surgery!

Well Haydin's abductor surgery was a success and he is currently at home recouping, but it was a hard long day yesterday to get here. He went into surgery at 8:30 am and by 9:50 am the doctor came out and told us he did perfect but we weren't able to see him until 11:30 am. Haydin was put into a full upper thigh cast to his toes and it is red which is a million times easier on him and us considering they told us he would be in a full hip to toe cast with only a little hole to change his diaper out of. Little man was placed on oxygen because when the pain set in he would begin to hold his breath but they began to slowly take him off the oxygen and by this morning he was off completely. He was also on an i.v but mainly just for medications and a little assistance with fluids and tolerated it pretty well. His left leg is pretty swollen and so is his little man parts, poor guy. We have been able to let off of using the Tylenol 3 as much and have started to just use regular Tylenol and we have slowly started adding in baby food and formula, but he downs the formula a little too fast and ends up puking some up. Haydin is very happy to be home though in his own bed, no nurses or wires and tubes and got to enjoy some porch swing time today.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Possible Bronchitis

Took Haydin to the doctor today about his cough that he has had for about 3 to 4 days to get it checked out before his surgery. The doctor said it sounds like bits of mucus in his lungs that he just needs to clear out but it could move to bronchitis very easily if we don't do the proper medications and breathing treatments at the right time, were pretty confident that wont be an issue. I seriously don't think Haydin has bronchitis because the last time he had it he was running a fever, coughing all the time, sneezing, crying and just being mean. So far Haydin has acted like himself minus the coughing and louder weezing but its definitely something going on in his air ways. We also had to get Haydin's finger pricked today and have a blood sample sent to the lab to clear him for his surgery and we should be getting the call on the outcome of that tomorrow. I'm really hoping Haydin can get this surgery done safely on Monday because I'm so sick of postponing it and stressing myself out more and more plus I don't want him to be in the big cast for most of his summer. So for the next few days I will be keeping Haydin as far away from sick people as possible, getting lots of rest, keeping up on his medications and breathing treatments and getting lots of cuddles :)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Wellness Check and Thanks :)

Well no horseback riding tomorrow for Haydin because of the weather and this cough he has. Tomorrow we go in for blood work and I'm making an emergency appointment for him to be seen by the doctor to make sure this cold isn't too serious for the surgery. Just making sure he's double, triple checked before going in for surgery, worrying mommy! We are still doing breathing treatments like crazy and pushing liquids anyway we can, and the fever in gone! I don't think Haydin's illness is too serious because he is still talking, playing and just being his normal silly self and that never happens when something is serious. He gets so quiet, wants to be alone and cries constantly. Fingers crossed its allergies!

Here lately I have been getting so much support from people I went to high school with or only knew for a brief time who tell me its so inspirational how I tell Haydin's story and how they look forward to seeing my posts or pictures about him, makes me feel so wonderful that people have allowed themselves to fall in love with a little boy they know from internet postings. With all the gloom outlooks I get from doctors or the rude stares me and Haydin get in public it makes it all worth it to have someone tell me they read what I post and feel like I'm doing an amazing job, thank you everyone!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Abductor Surgery

Well Haydin goes in to the hospital in exactly a week to get his abductor release surgery, to say that I'm a nervous crying wreck would be an understatement and to make my nerves a million times worse Haydin is now sick or has allergies. In case its a cold cold right now so we are doing breathing treatments, medication and vaporizers like crazy to prevent having to postpone the surgery anymore since he is feeling pain within his left hip. Haydin was running a fever of 100.3, coughing and sneezing like crazy on Sun. morning but as of today no fever, coughing and sneezing a little but he's having some trouble keeping down thick foods. We may being going and riding horses on Wed. afternoon and Haydin's dad, Quinn, may come along, I know Haydin will be very happy to share that experience with him since he doesn't get to do much with us. We will be sure to take a million pictures of him enjoying the pony ride! Other than that we will just be enjoying a week of having Haydin with no cast and hopefully playing in the pool if one nice day comes our way :)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

over due update

Sorry it's taken me so long to update, we've been so busy and I completely forgot about this. Well now Haydin is 2 and has the biggest personality you could ever imagine! He went through a bit of bronchitis a month and a half ago, but we made it through with lots of medicine, breathing treatments and cuddles. Monday May 23 Haydin goes in for an abductor release surgery and were hoping it helps with his legs crossing and the pain he's been experiencing lately, mommy is so nervous! Haydin has been enjoying a lot of swing time here lately, not a sunny day goes by where we don't hit the swing for an hour or so, he loves to go super high. Haydin also got a big boy toddler bed which after a couple nights of being a littler unsure of now he loves and hates to leave, SLEEP FINALLY! Little man also picked up a new hobby, riding horses, he loved it so much and were looking to go back this Wed. to get one last ride in before his surgery. We got his MRI done on Mon. and it came back with very good results showing that the fluid is mostly gone on the right side and more brain is peaking out, the doctor didn't seem to happy to be proved wrong but I couldn't be happier. The picture of the new MRI shows November 2010 scan on the right and the new one on the left, so much visible improvement!