Friday, June 17, 2011

back to the pool :)

Haydin finally got to go into his pool for the first time this summer and he loved it. We had our extended family over and Haydin enjoyed watching the kids play and splash water on him. Even though Haydin was only willing to soak his feet today I know he will slowly but surely get into the pool completely very soon. Little man has also been waking up with a lot of pain in his legs so at night and in the morning we are still pretty glued to the Tylenol and abductor pillow but we are slowly taking him off it while his muscles become less stiff. Thursday night Haydin celebrated having no cast with a trip to Friendly's and enjoyed a cookies and cream sundae with mommy and did some visiting with people, needless to say he was beyond happy that evening. Haydin has also been enjoying his swing, were he is the happiest ever screaming and kicking his little legs with a huge smile on his face. We start back with physical therapy this Monday which will be Haydin's daily time slot until school starts and we do occupational therapy every Wednesday until he's back in school, little man will be very excited to see Ms. Michelle and Hillary again. Haydin also gets fitted to his new medical stroller on Wednesday night and we already have many trips to the zoo, Cosi, bowling and golfing trips set up so he can show off his wheels to the ladies. Other than a little congestion and leg pains little man is doing well, thank you summer for finally coming and taking the colds away!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

No more cast!

Well the cast is off! Haydin did great during his 3 weeks in it and it actually became a lot easier to take care of him once we got into a routine. We were able to get back to our day to day things like going on walks, cleaning and shopping with little to no problems and I did 95% of it by myself! Haydin got many signatures and pictures on his cast a couple forged ones from his dad's side. Little man was very happy the day of cast removal and wasn't bothered at all by the loud annoying sound and actually laughed at the vibrations it gave his legs, he's so brave. On Wed. afternoon Haydin officially gets fitted for his medical stroller then he will be riding in style in his new cool wheels. We are looking into vehicles right now too that have van like qualities but are more of a sport, not so easy to find but we're remaining hopefuly. Haydin goes in to see his neurologist on Tuesday to do an overall check on his progress and hopefully I remember to get his records so I'm able to post all of his C.T scans, x-rays, and MRI's to show all his improvement he's been making. Haydin has finally gotten back into his swing since the freeing of his legs, he has begun to try and stand ans slowly but surely has began kicking again. We have Haydin's "adoptive grandma" and kids coming on Friday to play in the pool with him for the first time post surgery so it should be lots of fun!