Monday, May 16, 2011

Abductor Surgery

Well Haydin goes in to the hospital in exactly a week to get his abductor release surgery, to say that I'm a nervous crying wreck would be an understatement and to make my nerves a million times worse Haydin is now sick or has allergies. In case its a cold cold right now so we are doing breathing treatments, medication and vaporizers like crazy to prevent having to postpone the surgery anymore since he is feeling pain within his left hip. Haydin was running a fever of 100.3, coughing and sneezing like crazy on Sun. morning but as of today no fever, coughing and sneezing a little but he's having some trouble keeping down thick foods. We may being going and riding horses on Wed. afternoon and Haydin's dad, Quinn, may come along, I know Haydin will be very happy to share that experience with him since he doesn't get to do much with us. We will be sure to take a million pictures of him enjoying the pony ride! Other than that we will just be enjoying a week of having Haydin with no cast and hopefully playing in the pool if one nice day comes our way :)

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