Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Wellness Check and Thanks :)

Well no horseback riding tomorrow for Haydin because of the weather and this cough he has. Tomorrow we go in for blood work and I'm making an emergency appointment for him to be seen by the doctor to make sure this cold isn't too serious for the surgery. Just making sure he's double, triple checked before going in for surgery, worrying mommy! We are still doing breathing treatments like crazy and pushing liquids anyway we can, and the fever in gone! I don't think Haydin's illness is too serious because he is still talking, playing and just being his normal silly self and that never happens when something is serious. He gets so quiet, wants to be alone and cries constantly. Fingers crossed its allergies!

Here lately I have been getting so much support from people I went to high school with or only knew for a brief time who tell me its so inspirational how I tell Haydin's story and how they look forward to seeing my posts or pictures about him, makes me feel so wonderful that people have allowed themselves to fall in love with a little boy they know from internet postings. With all the gloom outlooks I get from doctors or the rude stares me and Haydin get in public it makes it all worth it to have someone tell me they read what I post and feel like I'm doing an amazing job, thank you everyone!

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