Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Home from surgery!

Well Haydin's abductor surgery was a success and he is currently at home recouping, but it was a hard long day yesterday to get here. He went into surgery at 8:30 am and by 9:50 am the doctor came out and told us he did perfect but we weren't able to see him until 11:30 am. Haydin was put into a full upper thigh cast to his toes and it is red which is a million times easier on him and us considering they told us he would be in a full hip to toe cast with only a little hole to change his diaper out of. Little man was placed on oxygen because when the pain set in he would begin to hold his breath but they began to slowly take him off the oxygen and by this morning he was off completely. He was also on an i.v but mainly just for medications and a little assistance with fluids and tolerated it pretty well. His left leg is pretty swollen and so is his little man parts, poor guy. We have been able to let off of using the Tylenol 3 as much and have started to just use regular Tylenol and we have slowly started adding in baby food and formula, but he downs the formula a little too fast and ends up puking some up. Haydin is very happy to be home though in his own bed, no nurses or wires and tubes and got to enjoy some porch swing time today.

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